Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry Northwest
Offering Material and Community support to ALL persons Released from Incarceration

Database hobbyist or professional-- OCPM Northwest is attempting to use existing publicly available databases and create views that are useful to our operations. For example, the Assembly of Bishops website has a database of Cannonical Eastern Orthodox Christian parishes and the State of Washington has a database of prisons and Dept of Corrections field offices. A view we may want is the nearest parishes to a given prison.  A goal would be to have these views and others for Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska.  Contact lewis@ocpmnorthwest.org or call or text 425.905.4898.

ORCA Card -- OCPM Northwest is attempting to make available transit bus passes to persons released from incarceration.  The ORCAcard.biz system will automate much of this work in King, Snohomish, Pierce and Kitsap counties.  ORCA Card has a program for organizations such as OCPM Northwest to fund these cards while allowing the cardholder to add value to the cards and use it as their own.  A person who can contact ORCA Card on behalf of OCPM Northwest to set up the program would be very helpful.  This is conceived as a project position with the deliverable being the program in place. The Board would then designate a manager for ongoing operations.  Contact lewis@ocpmnorthwest.org or call or text 425.905.4898.

Transit Pass Field Coordinaor-- OCPM Northwest needs volunteers to make contact with the Washington Dept of Corrections field office supervisors, arrange for a time and place for volunteers to interview and register persons on the ORCAcard.biz website, as well as be a general transit resource while in the field office at the set times. Openings in King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap couties. Contact lewis@ocpmnorthwest.org or call or text 425.905.4898.

Residential Property Owners -- OCPM Northwest is developing a residential property management plan.  This will allow property owners to engage in prison ministry by allowing OCPM Northwest to rent out the property as rooms for persons released from incarceration.  We have an existing model that allows for maintaining good order on the property as well as ensuring a positive cash flow for the property owner. Contact lewis@ocpmnorthwest.org or call or text 425.905.4898.

ZOHO.com Software Suite Specialist -- OCPM Northwest uses ZOHO.com for our backend software suite.  It is a comprehensive package that includes not only website tools, also email management, newsletter, discussion forums, project management, document sharing and group editing, etc.  If you know about this or would like to learn please contact lewis@OCPMNorthwest.org or call or text 425.905.4898.

Alaska Field Representative, Idaho Field Representative, Oregon Field Representative.  Contact lewis@ocpmnorthwest.org or call or text 425.905.4898.

Lawyer -- We forgive you.  We need at least one on the board.  Contact lewis@ocpmnorthwest.org or call or text 425.905.4898.

Accountant -- Got debit? We need a board member to be the treasurer. Contact lewis@ocpmnorthwest.org or call or text 425.905.4898.

Compliance -- If you have any experience with ensuring compliance with laws, regulations and rules, we have an opening for a board member to serve as the Secretary.  Contact Lewis@OCPMnorthwerst.org or call or text 425-905-4898